Passion Fruit Concentrate

Passion Fruit Concentrate

Luscious ripe passion fruit, grown on our farm in the Nilgiri hills, where the mist kisses the slopes and produces some of the finest fruit. Handpicked at its prime, juiced and bottled to reach our customers at its freshest. No harmful preservatives, no additives and no added colours. Just pure fruit.


  • Passion fruit pulp
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Citric acid

Serving suggestion :

  • One part of concentrate
  • 3 parts of chilled water or soda
  • But hey… do it your way…Store in refrigerator. Lasts for 60 days.


  • 500 ml pet bottle – ₨ 380.00
  • 750 ml glass bottle – ₨ 500.00
  • (includes 12% GST)

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